Catalogue- Swing ARTI Beauty Luxe HSW107A Pink Ala

Name:Swing ARTI Beauty Luxe HSW107A Pink Ala
Net weight:6.00 (kg)

A multifunction solid and comfortable swing for children Arti Beauty Luxe 3 in 1 swing, a chair for feeding, bouncer. Made of top quality materials to ensure maximum comfort to your child. Noiseless operation and toned-down sound of a musical box will allow your child to fall asleep easily. Maximum load 12 kg.

- 5-point safety belts,
- upholstery easily taken off for cleaning,
- adjustment of the rocking speed,
- headband with toys,
- lamp,
- power supply

Dimensions of the booster seat:
height of the backrest: 50 (cm)
width of the backrest: 36 (cm)
length of the booster seat: 30 (cm)