Catalogue- Bike ARTI JY-20 Ant-3 green

Name:Bike ARTI JY-20 Ant-3 green
Net weight:6.00 (kg)

Amazing, made of height quality materials tricycle bike Arti..

Of concern for quality of our products we equipped tricycle bike in sturdy frame and even sturdier, thick, made of foam material wheels.

It also has removable sunshield and removable footrest. Parents will appreciate the convenient safety pan and bumper bar.

Extensive equipment:

- Removable sunshield

- Safety pan

- Removable footrest

- Bumper bar

- Sturdy basket for toys

- music box

- Soft, thick, Sturdy, made of foam material wheels


Function: Removable footrest
Function: Safert barrier
Function: Pole for the parent
Function: Basket in the back
Function: Musical box